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Good Deeds for Good Dads

Good Deeds for Good Dads
They’re known to have many roles; Sons, Brothers, Uncles, Grandparents, etc., but we’d like to celebrate what is arguably their most important one, being a Dad.

Our “Good Deeds for Good Dads” event will be running throughout the next couple of weeks leading up to Father’s Day. Our hope is that users will be inspired to share memorable stories about their Dads. They can also honor them with a unique gift that supports a worthy Non Profit. We will be featuring My Inch of the Earth® users’ stories on our Facebook and Tumblr pages!

We encourage creativity when purchasing the inches!

By simply honoring your Father in this fashion, you’re making a huge difference.

See how sharing your moments combined with claiming an inch for yourself, as a gift, or dedicated to someone you love can change the world.

  • Claim an inch at the hospital where Dad witnessed the birth of his child and a child won’t go hungry for a month.
  • Claim an inch on Dad’s favorite trail for the man who set an example his children could follow and support the National Park system so that others might have the same opportunity.
  • Claim an inch to honor the father figures that stood in when your own father could not and and support families whose lives have been been inexplicably changed when cancer came to call.
  • Claim an inch at Grandpa’s fishing hole to honor the quiet patience he brought to your heart and help military personnel and their families stay connected and claim the peace, and freedoms they stand to protect.

Claim your inch. Support a cause. Change the world.

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