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My Inch of The Earth – A Cool Tool for Communication

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Master Storyteller Lori L. Jacobwith brings more than 25 years of professional speaking, coaching, and training to her work with social profit organizations. In addition to working as a Development Director, Executive Director, and President/CEO for various organizations Lori has provided training & coaching for thousands of organizations and their boards nationwide. Lori’s strategies & tools have helped organizations to collectively raise more than $200 million from individuals.

I believe there is one thing in life that causes success: Clear, even bold communication.

Over my twenty-five year career I’ve worked with thousands of people in the social profit sector – from board members and CEOs to volunteers and donors. The thing I’ve observed, over and over again, is the importance of communication.

What people often forget is that communication actually has two parts: talking AND listening.

As fundraisers we can get wrapped up in the things we want to say, in our key messaging, in doing our very best to communicate what it is that makes our organization’s work so powerful and worthy of people’s time, attention, and money.

While trying to craft the perfect statements we sometimes forget to listen, and listening is just as, if not more, important than talking.

This is what makes My Inch of The Earth a unique and exciting opportunity for the social profit sector.

My Inch of The Earth provides you with an online place to talk AND to listen to your donors. When you’re nonprofit joins My Inch of The Earth you have another venue to share the messages and stories you’ve so carefully crafted about your work.

Plus, you get the chance to tackle one of the biggest challenges fundraisers often face: Getting your community to talk to you and about you.

As a fundraising platform that allows people to claim their favorite inch on the planet and by doing so make a “micro-donation” to your organization, My Inch of Earth has created an exciting, interactive, fun engagement and fundraising tool.

What does this mean for you? It means you have an opportunity to learn about your donors on an individual level, what moves them, what places are special to them, and why they chose your cause.

How cool to learn about the place they got engaged, or camped out with their parents while growing up, or where they went to celebrate the birth of their first child. This platform provides a special link to what is important to your donors, one person at a time.

And the more you learn about the people who support your mission and you learn what’s important to them —- the stronger you can make your communication.

I’m excited for the stories you’ll collect using My Inch of The Earth!

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